self awareness

Great Expectations!

Stop the Clock! There’s Never Enough Time Creating deadlines is a ritualistic practice in society….

emotional reactivity

Tic Tic Boom: How To Reduce Emotional Reactivity 

Picture this:  As the morning sun rises, you stir from a fitful sleep. The bitter…

why do I keep getting obsessive thoughts

I Can’t Get You Out of My Head: Obsessive Thoughts & Relationships

Stop here if you think this blog is about Kylie Minogue’s hit, “I can’t get…

mental health therapist near me

Cultivating Mental Peace

While I was studying yoga in Rishikesh India, I was exposed to the yoga sutras…

what causes procrastination


Happy June all! If you’re like me, the year thus far has seemingly flashed by…

LOVE IS IN THE REPAIRS: How to Use Conflicts to Strengthen Relationships

Relationship conflicts and tensions are one of the most common reasons clients seek therapy. As…