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Couples Therapy in New York, NY

We experience many different kinds of relationships over the course of our lives. Navigating the various relationships in our lives can be challenging. Steady NYC offers couples/relationship psychotherapy services for partners who are experiencing feelings of frustration, difficulty, or struggle in their relationships.

Building healthy relationships is essential to leading happy, productive and fulfilling lives. Steady NYC can help you create healthier, more meaningful and satisfying relationships.

At Steady NYC, our experienced team of licensed psychotherapists have the professional experience to guide you through whatever relationship challenges you are experiencing. The approaches that guide our work with couples are described below.

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Emotion Focused Couples Therapy

Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT) helps to build insight, catharsis, and skills. And it’s more than that. EFCT is about formulating and expressing new emotional experiences that transform the nature of our interactive patterns, especially in how those relate to attachment, desires, needs, and emotions. EFCT can help partners who are in distress shape emotional accessibility, responsiveness, and engagement, 3 core elements of forming secure attachment. 

Trauma Therapy for Attachment

How we initiate, build, and maintain relationships is influenced by our early connections. If there are ruptures in these early attachments with our parents or other caregivers, we can feel scared or ill equipped to build connections in our adult lives.

At Steady NYC, we use a variety of trauma informed treatment to help in the healing of these past connections to strengthen present and future relationships. EMDR can heal attachment traumas such as abuse and neglect, hostile parenting environments, and single incident and complex trauma. We utilize tools from Gestalt and IFS to explore, deepen, and heal the relationships to the different parts of ourselves that show up in relationships. Most clients gain a sense of self-understanding and compassion after engaging in such treatment.

We at Steady NYC also believe the therapeutic relationship itself can be a healing space for clients who have experienced attachment ruptures. In working relationally with the therapist, clients can explore and strengthen conflict resolution skills, healthy communication skills, and practice advocating for needs.

Dating and Relationship Skill Building

We believe that dating and building healthy relationships are skills that can be strengthened. Whether you are just starting your dating journey or are in a long-term partnership, we offer trauma-informed tools to help strengthen connection.

We will establish goals you’d like to work towards in your relationship. We identify present relationship cycles that feel overwhelming and inescapable, explore where those cycles have occurred in the past, and introduce new ways of communicating to influence the future.

Trauma informed work may be used to heal any attachment trauma and implemented as a solid foundation on which to build and practice skills. Concrete communication skills such as will be demonstrated and practiced in and outside of the therapeutic space. Contact us today.

Couples/Relationship Therapists

Clients can look forward to learning:

  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Identifying and advocating personal needs
  • Connection focused communication
  • Self and Co-regulation skills
  • Building rituals of connection
  • Responding positively to bids of connection
  • Communication around the tough topics: sex, finances, and boundaries

Free phone consultation

We offer a free consultation prior to making an in-person appointment.