Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in New York, NY

SteadyNYC's psychotherapists offer MBCBT to help people who may be experiencing recurring issues with depression or anxiety or who may be struggling with general feelings of sadness.

This form of therapy combines mindfulness techniques such as meditation, body scans, etc., with proven strategies found in cognitive behavioral therapy. Ultimately, we aim to help clients lessen the effects of depression or anxiety and achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.

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If you’re looking for help to reduce depression, anxiety, stress, trauma-related thoughts and behaviors, as well as general sadness, the team of therapists at Steady NYC can help. We are here to offer a safe place to land and a safe place to process past traumas in ways that are healthy and sustainable. We help clients better understand their emotions and feelings, particularly those prompted by past trauma or stress. Once clients reach this understanding, we then help them adopt and adapt positive responses and coping skills to help them achieve happiness and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Our goal always is to provide steady and professional strategies to serve every client. Contact us today.

Therapists that specialize in Mindfulness

Free phone consultation

We offer a free consultation prior to making an in-person appointment.

What You Can Expect

Our team of highly trained clinicians will work with clients to understand their reason for entering into therapy and they will take a deep dive into the client’s personal history to better understand the role trauma may have played. This trauma-informed lens through which we approach our work lays a solid foundation for every therapy session.

Depending on the client’s needs and objectives for entering into therapy, as well as the therapist’s professional assessment, we may engage in several different mindfulness techniques.

One technique is mini-meditations. One of our therapists may guide you through a mini-mediation while sitting in your chair. The objective is to help quiet the mind and simply observe what thoughts, feelings, or emotions emerge. Even if you’ve never meditated before, one of our professional therapists from Steady NYC can guide you through this mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy.

Another proven technique is to what’s called a body scan exercise. This technique, by its very nature, directs the client’s focus to the present moment while zeroing in on different sections or areas of the body. With the guidance of a therapist, scanning the body can identify areas of stress or pain or tightness which the client may not have even realized. The goal here is to quiet the mind, listen to the signals the body is giving, and strengthen the ability to focus attention on the present moment.

Yet another technique is the use of yoga. Yoga is a very natural fit in MBCBT. It includes specific breathing techniques as well as various stretches and poses to invite a deeper connection to the body and to strengthen the focus of the mind on the present. Many of our therapists at Steady NYC are regular practitioners of yoga and they often incorporate various yoga techniques into their practice. By incorporating some basic stretches and gentle postures, they can help clients bring their focus to their bodies and their minds.

Focusing on the present moment helps clients move the focus away from the external and back to the present moment.

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