Interview with Jessica Torgovnik.

Jessica's standard fee for 50 minute individual sessions is $130.  Please inquire about reduced rate options if needed.

Jessica Torgovnik, MHC-LP

Jessica believes that everyone has the opportunity for growth and that we all have the potential to live meaningful, joyful lives when we can allow ourselves. Jessica offers the emotional support, encouragement and guidance needed to create positive change. Jessica feels honored to work with her clients to re-write unhelpful and limiting self-narratives and together creating new possibilities for a different story.

“Struggle is inevitable in life. We may experience various hardships that take away from the joy that life has to offer. As difficult as the journey may be, you don’t have to go through it alone. We can work together to help heal old pain, cope with current stressors and future uncertainty. I will meet you wherever you’re at on your journey.”

Jessica's clinical orientation is person-centered, with influences from psychodynamic, family systems, and cognitive-behavioral therapies. She incorporates various mindfulness techniques supported by researched evidence to aide in therapeutic treatment. Her primary aim is to provide a non-judgmental space through compassion and understanding where clients can feel safe to explore difficult topics.

Her work focusses on anxiety-related disorders, OCD, complex and generational trauma, women’s issues, and grief. Jessica's work with multiple age populations has exposed her to a wide array of lifespan developmental conflicts that can arise. She looks at the “full picture” and places emphasis on the individual experience, considering all environmental, biological, and psychological influences. Jessica's has a great deal of experience geriatric mental health therapy, having worked with seniors struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease and other cognitive impairments as well as age-related grief and anxiety. She has applied her interest in mindfulness and alternative therapeutic treatments within the older adult population by implementing a research program analyzing the benefits of mindfulness and animal assisted therapy on anxiety and depression. Additionally, she has contributed to non-profit work, providing grief counseling services to children and families. Contact her today and our team of psychotherapists.

Jessica enjoys traveling, experiencing new cultures, and learning languages. She is enamored by the many ways people live and find joy in life. She feels that sometimes leaving one’s comfort zone can be the best way to break old, unhealthy habits and open ourselves to new possibilities.

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