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Individual Psychotherapy in New York, NY

Steady NYC offers individual psychotherapy services for people who are experiencing feelings of frustration, difficulty, or struggle in their lives. Individual psychotherapy involves working one on one with a professionally trained therapist to curiously explore the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that brought you to therapy.

Often, the events in our lives create wounds that time alone has not healed. These experiences impact us all in different ways. Do you wish you could stay more in the present moment? Perhaps you fear that your history will repeat itself? Working together, the professional therapists at Steady NYC can help you begin to develop new ways of being in your present and thinking about your future.

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We offer a free consultation prior to making an in-person appointment. Contact us to get started.

Our therapists are committed to providing every client with a non-judgmental, safe space where you can be free to be yourself. We are here to support you and we accept you as you are, unconditionally.

The ultimate goal is determined by each client. Whether you want to foster change, resolve a past issue or trauma, or improve the quality of your life, our professional therapists are here to guide and support you.

In our practice, we take a holistic approach in working with all of our clients. We believe in the power of the mind-body-spirit connection. And we provide a safe, supportive, and compassionate environment for every client.

How Do You Know If You Need Individual Psychotherapy?

If you find yourself struggling with anything in your life and you’re not sure how to sort things out and move forward productively, individual psychotherapy can help.

Life is hard and full of challenges, expectations, and pressures we all have to face. We each carve our own path through life and we each bring unique perspectives and experiences to our work, home, and social life. Individual psychotherapy deals one on one with your unique life situation to provide the personalized support you need to create and live the life you desire.

Find An Individual Psychotherapist

Steady NYC has a stellar team of psychotherapists trained to work one on one with you to help you identify the changes you want to create so you can live a more satisfying life.

We provide a compassionate environment at each individual psychotherapy session so our clients are free to open up and share their dreams, desires, goals, personal struggles or crises with their therapist. Our work is in the present life you are living today. However, sometimes it is necessary to delve into past history and stories. By fostering a clear picture of a client’s personal history, our therapists can better understand and recommend treatment options to overcome emotional or psychosocial obstacles that are preventing you from living your best life. Our goal in every individual psychotherapy session is to support and guide you as you gain new insight and heal wounds from the past. And, to teach and help you develop and use tools that can enable you to more effectively navigate the twists, turns and joys of life.

Individual psychotherapy sessions can be opportunities to explore the possibilities of positive change. Our therapists work with you to increase your self-confidence and overall contentment with your life. All of our therapists are excellent professionals who bring the highest level of compassion to every client session.


We offer committed support as you identify changes you would like to make in your life and what feelings, thoughts, and behaviors may be standing between in your way. Whether you are struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety, going through a significant life transition, managing a crisis or seeking to foster a deeper sense of self-awareness and compassion, we will work collaboratively to help you feel more in charge of your feelings, your choices and your life.

We know that therapy can be scary step and we believe it is our job to create an open and safe environment for you to take that step. The therapists at our practice will support you to develop the emotional tools and self awareness to enable and empower you to reach the destination you seek. We are pleased to offer short and long term individual psychotherapy. Contact us today.

Free phone consultation

We offer a free consultation prior to making an in-person appointment.

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