Shelby Remillard, LMHC

Shelby’s standard fee range for 50 minute sessions is $250 - 275.

Please inquire about reduced rate options if needed.


Shelby Remillard, LMHC

Shelby Remillard, LMHC, is professionally trained in the practices of mindfulness, motivational interviewing, harm reduction, coping skills training, drama therapy, and yoga in therapy. As a psychotherapist, she specializes in working with clients with histories of trauma and those struggling with grief and loss.

Her experience includes work with university students, military veterans, adults with dual diagnoses, mood disorders, and personality disorders. She helps clients gain a deeper understanding of the origin of their struggles and develop and adapt new coping skills to foster growth and help regain agency over their lives.

Shelby is a former athlete who swam competitively in college. This is where she developed her passion for the mind-body connection.

“I believe strongly in the mind-body connection. Exercise and fitness are excellent tools to help develop physical strength and flexibility. And of course they can also be effective tactics to strengthen mental flexibility and restore emotional health and well-being as we deal with daily stress.”

Life sometimes does not always go as planned. Try as we might to travel in a straight and steady incline towards self-fulfillment, our journey usually manifests as more of a rollercoaster with unforeseen twists, turns, and gut-wrenching drops. Shelby wants to help her clients enjoy the ride. She works collaboratively to build trust and understanding and she intentionally creates an open, safe, and non-judgmental space ideally suited for clients to best examine all of life’s possibilities.

Humor is important to Shelby and she incorporates it into her practice often. By using humor along with music, creativity, pop culture examples and storytelling, Shelby skillfully engages and inspires clients to consider their challenges or struggles from a new perspective. In her practice, Shelby places a lot of emphasis on social spheres, knowing that healthy connections with others is a vital component in the healing process. Her goal is to help clients find their inner strength and to empower them to manifest their most desired life.

In her personal life, Shelby enjoys a good cup of coffee, a restful day at the beach and running in Central Park. Although not a morning person, she loves treating herself to breakfast or taking in a hot yoga session or spin class in the city. Contact us today.

What clients are saying about Shelby:

Shelby is a great advocate and outstanding clinician!

Yonatan Hochstein, PMHNP, Union Square Practice

Shelby is a phenomenal clinician. She is warm, kind, insightful, and empathetic. I cannot recommend her enough!

Andrew Reidenbach, LCSW

Shelby is a dedicated professional and yields positive results for her clients. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with and has been such a supportive and reliable colleague for all the years I’ve known her.

Jasmine Williams, LCSW

As a fellow provider I have referred to Shelby many times. She is steadfast, down to earth, authentic, and always meets the client where they are. I know when I refer to her my clients will be in trusted and capable hands.

Shelby is a highly skilled, empathic clinician and I would recommend her to anyone seeking her services; whether as a supervisor or therapist. I highly recommend her!

Sabrina Tropper, LMHC, Counseling Works NYC

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