Licensed in NY, NJ and VA.  Pallavi’s standard fee range for 50 minute sessions is $220-$250.

Please inquire about reduced rate options if needed.


Pallavi Ankolekar, LCSW

Pallavi Ankolekar, LCSW CCTP is a psychotherapist specializing in working with adults with various wellness goals in NY and NJ.  She is passionate about supporting BIPOC navigate their healing journey with warmth and compassion because we all deserve the opportunity to thrive and not just survive.  Pallavi’s extensive training in trauma and use of EMDR allows her to guide clients towards feeling unstuck in their negative self-beliefs and regain their sense of peace.

  Pallavi uses a culturally sensitive, antiracist, anti-oppressive structures and systems approach to work through and process unresolved feelings or issues around the self and our place in our communities.  She believes that the therapeutic relationship is especially important for allowing people to realize and embrace their boundless strength and joy by providing a warm, gentle, and welcoming space. Contact her today.
As a 1.5 gen South Asian immigrant, Pallavi has the empathy and understanding to help others find their calm in a world that consistently wants to question their worth or sense of self.
“I know what it’s like to feel in between cultures and identities; feeling not here nor there can leave us with questions about ourselves or our self-worth.  Sometimes all we need is one person telling us we are not alone in these isolating experiences to gain confidence in our pursuit of healing”
Pallavi has expertise working with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, effects of trauma, 1st gen family or cultural conflicts, coping with life transitions, relationship issues, identifying & setting healthy boundaries, or the myriad challenges that can arise in our lives. She often incorporates many different modalities into her practice with a focus on having her clients leave sessions feeling lighter and breathing easier.

Outside of her life as a therapist, Pallavi finds passion in promoting the safety and success of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ individuals within creative spaces or non-traditional career paths.  She enjoys pursuing new hobbies/interests, playing video games, reading, the occasional cosplay, and introducing clients to her administrative assistant (her adorable - but needy - cat, Chubs).

What clients are saying about Pallavi:

She is incredible

I had been working with Pallavi for nearly a year, and she has been more than incredible. She made me feel safe, comfortable, heard and seen. After our initial consult, she recommended I try EMDR to help re-processes my past traumas. She prepared me thoroughly—sending me research on the effectiveness of EMDR, teaching me how to ground myself during EMDR sessions, and building a trusting relationship with me before starting EMDR. Honestly, EMDR with Pallavi changed my life. She helped me understand my traumas better and heal from emotional distress. I had to unfortunately end my sessions due to a change in insurance. It was a hard decision to make as Pallavi was the first therapist out of many to make me feel like I was actually making substantial progress in my healing journey. Thank you, Pallavi for being an incredible support!

Former Client

I highly recommend Pallavi as a therapist. She is wonderful at holding space for you to explore your emotions without judgement, while also helping you calm and focus your thoughts. Her sense of humor and down to earth personality also invites me to feel comfortable and safe when we speak.

Katie Howell, School Social Worker

Pallavi is a warm, attentive, and experienced clinician who I would highly recommend to anyone seeking out therapeutic services. Pallavi is dedicated to expanding her knowledge in order to ensure she is providing her clients with an evidence based, trauma informed and culturally sensitive approach.

She’s easy to talk to, always non-judgemental and full of empathy and compassion.

Danielle Bartolome – Care Team Manager at Reema Health

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