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Depression Therapy in New York, NY

There is a profound difference between simply feeling sad and being clinically depressed. Everyone feels sad from time to time. But if you’re frequently feeling tired or sluggish, if you’re having difficulty concentrating or sleeping when it hasn’t been an issue in the past, or if you are disinterested in things that used to give you pleasure and joy, you may need assistance managing your depression in Midtown Manhattan, New York.

Depression can affect men and women, adults and teens, the young and the elderly very differently.

The team of professional psychotherapists at Steady NYC expertly treat people who are suffering with depression.

Causes Of Depression

Depression can be brought on by any number of external or internal causes. The death of a loved one, a prolonged illness, divorce, job loss, financial struggles, lingering or unresolved trauma, etc.

Depression can be hereditary and passed down from generation to generation the same way eye or hair color would be. And, depression can have medically-related causes such as a chemical imbalance, depression during or after pregnancy, heart disease, under active thyroid, and more. Depression can also be exacerbated by other medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and Parkinson’s.

At Steady NYC, our therapists are specially trained to work with people suffering with depression. We offer a safe, compassionate, and welcoming environment where you are free to share your struggles, your feelings, and your story. Together, we’ll work with you to uncover the causes or triggers for your depression and identify and adapt effective coping strategies for managing your depression in the healthiest way possible.

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Recognizing Signs of Depression

Depression is more than just feeling sad or having the blues. Depression is a clinical diagnosis which, if left untreated, can lead to serious emotional and physical ailments.

There are many tell-tale signs of depression; however, it’s important to note that while many signs of depression are visible, there are many which can remain invisible to everyone outside of the person who is experiencing them.

Symptoms of Depression:

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Unusual sleep patterns
  • Feelings of guilt, worry, or excessive concern
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Chronic and/or lingering feelings of hopelessness or despair
  • Trouble focusing or paying in attention at class, at work, or at home
  • Difficulty remembering common things
  • Decreased energy
  • Feelings of sluggishness
  • Feelings of restlessness

Support for Depression

Depression is by far one of the most common disorders in the country. And here in New York City, depression is not at all uncommon.

If you live in Midtown Manhattan or anywhere in New York City, and you think you might be suffering from depression, consider how you feel doing things New Yorkers regularly do. It may seem counterintuitive to feel alone among the hundreds of thousands of other New Yorkers riding crowed buses or subways or walking crowded streets. But that is just what happens when you’re experiencing depression.

And consider the numerous activities the city offers and how they make you feel. Are you excited to attend events such as store openings, parades or festivals, street fairs, Broadways shows, etc. — or do you lack any motivation or interest to participate in any of these events? While these feelings don’t automatically equate to a diagnosis of depression, they could be indicators of a growing problem. Depression is marked by many different feelings, including despair and hopelessness. But it is also marked by a lack of interest, energy, and motivation to do many of the things you may have previously enjoyed doing.

At Steady NYC, our approach is holistic in nature. We believe strongly in the power of the mind body spirit connection and its collective power to heal and restore wellbeing and improve the lives of the clients we serve. Contact us today.


Our team of therapists at Steady NYC can work with you to discover the reasons behind your depression. We will explore your history and your current life circumstances to identify the environmental or external factors which may be contributing to your depression.

We will seek to understand any medical concerns or issues you may be experiencing which may be unknowingly contributing to or negatively affecting your depression. And, we will explore your history and your emotional wellbeing to identify negative thoughts and behaviors and begin to replace them with healthy, restorative alternatives.

Free phone consultation

We offer a free consultation prior to making an in-person appointment.

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