Customer Testimonials

It can be so reassuring to know that you are not alone and that others are on a similar journey as you.

Our psychotherapists' clients often experience meaningful changes in their lives both during and after participating in our therapy and treatment. We’re so appreciative that many have chosen to share their kind words and confidential testimonials. Contact us today.

“Not having much “traditional” therapy/counseling prior, I didn’t exactly know what to expect of working with Kathryn. I certainly expected her to listen—which she did exquisitely. Kathryn immediately put me at ease.

Kathryn’s calm voice and willingness to show me how to be a friend to myself by agreeing to be one to me, helped me find peace with past experiences as well as hope for new experiences.

Kathryn was always approachable and available, and lovingly held me accountable throughout the years we worked together. I still keep in touch with her—even three years (and counting) later.

I recommend her to all of my friends whether their issues be anxiety, addiction, abuse, depression, trauma, or anything in between. She will always be present and supportive and encouraging.”

Former Client

Kyra is thoughtful, deeply caring, and incredibly insightful in her work with clients. I know that she has my best interests at heart, and that she is truly here to help me through concerns and manage my mental health in an authentic and supportive manner. I could not recommend working with her and the SteadyNYC team more, they are literally life-changing.

With Kyra’s guidance and skill I now have developed a sense of self-confidence I never thought I'd achieve.

Kyra’s expertise and professionalism have gone above and beyond and I cannot express enough how much you have helped me. I can honestly say that I have felt immense progress throughout my sessions with Kyra and this progress has allowed me to have a greater sense of purpose in life.


From Our Colleagues

“Kathryn is very skilled at listening deeply while being direct and helpful. As a colleague I refer clients knowing they will feel her compassion in a very active manner. She has a way of making a person feel seen and heard, while they are challenged to change and heal. I trust her clinical skills and judgement as a colleague who I truly respect.”

Andrea Cornell, LMFT –

“Joelle is a passionate, empathetic, and thoughtful clinician. Her love for working holistically with chronic illness shines bright. I highly recommend her to anyone searching for a great therapist.”

Kat Vollono, LCSW –

“Kathryn is an exceptional supervisor and I highly recommend her! Her depth of knowledge and years of practice creates a supervisory experience that is an excellent balance of personalized education and support. I always leave supervision with new learnings, awarenesses and skills to take directly to my practice.”

Amber Bankson –

“Merle Maynard is beyond qualified. They are skilled in numerous therapeutic techniques and interventions. Additionally, they are well versed in LGBTQ+ concerns. As a therapist and colleague Merle is warm, engaging and supportive.”

Tara Saunders, AMFT – Evergreen Counseling

“I can't rate Merle Maynard highly enough as a colleague and therapist! They are warm, thoughtful, collaborative, and insightful. Highly recommend seeing them.”

Amy McClanahan, AMFT – Bay Area Community Resources

“SteadyNYC is a reliable, trustworthy, group practice staffed by professional, competent clinicians.”

Sarah Perl – Resilient Self Therapy

“Steady NYC is supportive and professional in the services they offer! Highly recommend!”

Heidi Vanderwerff – Kennedy Counseling Collective

Praise for Daring Way™ & Rising Strong™ Workshops

“This workshop has helped me to be more open and honest with myself and others. It has helped me to truly understand what it means to be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable is hard, courageous, and SO worth it. This workshop has helped me to step into my own authenticity and authority, and has helped me define who I want to be in this world.

I am forever grateful to Kathryn and the Daring Way workshop.”

“If you’re looking to take a deep dive into learning about yourself while connecting with others, this is a safe place to find that community.

Kathryn does a great job of teaching Brené Brown’s research so that you can personally explore shame and vulnerability and leave with tools to become more resilient.”