Kyra Ross, MHC-LP

Kyra Ross is a Mental Health Counselor and psychotherapist whose work is focused in the areas of race related/intergenerational trauma, work/life balance, self-worth, relationship challenges, , life transitions and breaking negative relationship patterns. Kyra specializing working with clients to break negative behavior patterns and build a better relationship to themselves and their self worth.

Kyra completed her Masters Education at Fordham University. Kyra recently completed her basic EMDR training and is excited to bring these new skills to her work with clients. Also on the horizon, is Kyra’s completion of her training to provide integration therapy sessions for clients.  Kyra’s work is also informed by the approaches of dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Kyra believes that the incorporation of the whole person is needed for growth, healing, and the ability to flourish as an individual. In her work as a clinician, she utilizes body and breathwork to strengthen the awareness of the mind/body connection. Awareness of her clients intersectionality and how their multiple identities contribute to their worldview allows room for healing from intergenerational and societal traumas.

Kyra is an active researcher in the anti-racism space, allowing her to connect with diverse audiences and address the complexities of race-related trauma. She deeply understands the importance of acknowledging clients’ intersectionality and its influence on their worldview.

Kyra’s experience working within the high pressure and stressful fashion industry, led her down the path of studying and mastering the practice of boundary setting, stress management, and acceptance/self-love in regards to body image. Kyra has a direct and warm therapeutic style providing her clients guidance while also supporting them to find the path that is most authentic for them individually. Contact her today.

Kyra hails from sunny California and found her heart in New York. Beyond her professional life, Kyra enjoys nurturing her yoga practice, tending to her flourishing garden, and cherishing moments with her beautiful young son.

What clients are saying about Kyra:

“I appreciate how skilled Kyra is at tailoring her approach to my specific needs and goals. Whether you need help processing past traumas, managing anxiety, or developing healthy coping strategies, Kyra was able to provide me with the guidance and support that I needed.

Kyra is super passionate about her work and genuinely cares about helping her clients achieve their goals. Her dedication and expertise have undoubtedly made a positive impact on my life, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking high-quality therapy.”

Former Client

“Kyra is thoughtful, deeply caring, and incredibly insightful in her work with clients. I know that she has my best interests at heart, and that she is truly here to help me through concerns and manage my mental health in an authentic and supportive manner. I could not recommend working with her and the SteadyNYC team more, they are literally life-changing.

With Kyra’s guidance and skill I now have developed a sense of self-confidence I never thought I'd achieve.

Kyra’s expertise and professionalism have gone above and beyond and I cannot express enough how much you have helped me. I can honestly say that I have felt immense progress throughout my sessions with Kyra and this progress has allowed me to have a greater sense of purpose in life.”


“Kyra’s patience, kindness, yet a firm approach has been exemplary throughout our sessions and I could not be more grateful. With Kyra’s help, I have been able to find ways to manage my mental health issues wisely and have become more confident in myself as time passes.”

Former Client

“I want to start by expressing my sincerest gratitude to Kyra for the outstanding help she has given me. Kyra has successfully guided me on the path to begin tackling my social anxieties, and depression. Kyra’s non-judgemental attunement to the complexities of social racial trauma has opened up my path to healing.”

Former Client

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