Kyra Ross, MHC-LP

Kyra believes that the incorporation of the whole person is needed for growth, healing, and the ability to flourish as an individual. In her work as a clinician, she utilizes body and breathwork to strengthen the awareness of the mind/body connection. Awareness of her clients intersectionality and how their multiple identities contribute to their worldview allows room for healing from intergenerational and societal traumas.

Kyra’s experience working within the high pressure and stressful fashion industry, led her down the path of studying and mastering the practice of boundary setting, stress management, and acceptance/self-love in regards to body image. She has a directive yet warm therapeutic style informed by a background in cognitive behavioral therapy. She empowers her clients through utilization of strength based/person centered techniques. She specializes in working with clients within the areas of burn-out, work/life balance, self-confidence/love/acceptance, relationship issues, race related/intergenerational trauma, life transitions and breaking negative relationship patterns.

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