Daring Way™ Workshops: What Can I Get Out of Them?

November 1, 2019

Daring Way Workshops - What Can I Get Out of Them

I often receive inquiries from individuals who share that they’ve read the numerous books written by Brené Brown or seen her TED talk or her most recent Netflix special Call to Courage. My response is always Great! The question that often comes next is “Since I’ve done all this already, why should I attend your workshop? How will attending your workshop benefit me in my daily life?” Great Question. Here are some of my answers.

We aren’t meant to go it alone.

Brené Brown’s research illuminated how all individuals are wired for connection. It also illuminated many of the barriers to connection. By attending a Daring Way or Rising Strong group, you become aware of what are your ways of keeping yourself separate from others and you get to learn that those ways are shared by many many others. You also get to be in the supportive and encouraging presence of others to practice changing some of those barriers to allow greater connection with others and yourself.

In order to be brave with our lives, we must be aware of what are the values we hold most dear.

In the Daring Way and Rising Strong groups, we work to work to identify what values are important to us. We identify how we behave when we are in alignment with our values, and how we behave when we are not. We learn what emotions activate us, and how those emotions can lead us to behave out of alignment with our values. We learn what we need to do to care for our emotions so we can behave more in ways of which we are proud.

We Practice. We Make Mistakes. We Circle Back. We Try again.

Brené Brown’s research supported her to develop her Shame Resilience theory, not shame proof. As she aptly has stated, if you are human you know shame. The Daring Way and Rising Strong groups are opportunities to take risks and to make mistakes in a supportive environment. Participants get to make attempts to be empathic with one another and set boundaries with one another. Participants leave the workshop not only with a more expansive understanding of themselves but also with the experience of having practiced the task of identifying their boundaries (what’s ok and what’s no ok.)

We move our learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands.

Each participant of our Daring Way™ group workshop receives this beautiful workbook to take home. In these groups, not only watch videos and have generative group discussions, we complete writing exercises which supports our growing self awareness. We engaged with this learning differently when we see our words written on a piece of paper or a post it or crafted into a card or a drawing or write a poem.

Where do you want to show up in your life? At work, in your relationship, as a parent, as a friend?

Begin Your Journey to a Braver Life!

I invite to you join me on what promises to be a powerful and life altering experience. Click on the button below to register now. If you have questions about the workshop and what you can get out of it, I invite you to contact me with your question.

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Kathryn Grooms

Kathryn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over twenty years of experience working with issues of substance abuse, trauma, sexuality, gender, mood disorders and anxiety. Kathryn is passionate about empowering her clients to navigate their unique journey of self-discovery and emotional healing.